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Discover John Mc Cam's Aesthetic World on WebMinds: A 3D Art Experience

John Mc Cam, born in 1984 in Argentina and based in Berlin, is an artist reshaping our visual perceptions. His work prompts us to question the relationship between color and form, exploring how this primal conflict influences our subconscious sensations and daily interactions.

WebMinds brings Mc Cam’s latest works to life in a unique 3D exhibition, allowing users to explore his captivating artistic universe interactively. From the comfort of home, users can navigate this virtual showcase, delving into the rich colors and forms Mc Cam presents, pondering the thought-provoking questions embedded in his art.


As a web designer, I had the honor of spearheading a unique and enthralling project that mirrors the musical essence and constant innovation of this talented artist.

From the very first click, my aim was to craft an immersive experience that captures the diversity and passion Gustavo brings to his music. Every element of the web design was meticulously chosen to convey the energy and creativity emanating from his work.

The seamless navigation invites you to explore not only his discography but also his latest projects, tours, and collaborations. The design’s adaptability ensures you can dive into this musical world from any device, keeping the magic intact.

Neus Cortes

As a designer and web developer, I had the privilege of collaborating with Neus Cortes, an experienced coach, art therapist, and teacher. Together, we created an online presence that captures the essence of her transformative approach.

Every line of code and every visual design was carefully crafted to reflect Neus’s philosophy, centered around empowerment and well-being. Her website is not only visually appealing but also adaptable and accessible across all devices, allowing her message to reach a wider audience.


Designing the Berlin Resistance Museum’s Website: A Journey of Remembrance and Reflection

As a passionate web designer, I consider it a profound honor to be entrusted with the task of developing the digital portal for the Berlin Resistance Museum. With a deep appreciation for history and the stories of human courage, I approach this project with immense dedication and a strong sense of responsibility to do justice to the museum’s noble mission.

Boulder Coffee

As a web designer, I created an appealing website for Boulder Coffee, a tranquil place where people can enjoy climbing. I used soft and warm colors, mountain and rock images, and animations to convey excitement. The clean design and easy navigation allow users to find information and make online reservations. I’m proud to have created an attractive and functional website for Boulder Coffee. Given that climbing is an exhilarating activity, I decided to use images and animations that would capture that excitement.

Felipe Lifschitz

Felipe Lifschitz is a talented Chilean photographer and filmmaker currently residing in Berlin. I had the privilege of designing his website using a minimalist approach.

By opting for a minimalist design, my goal was to showcase Felipe’s incredible visual work. I used a simple and elegant color palette, focusing on neutral tones that complemented his artistic style. This allows the photographs and videos to take center stage, capturing visitors’ attention and conveying the beauty of his work.

Massage Sano

As a web designer, I had the opportunity to work with Massage Sano, a massage praxis located in the Friedrichshain neighborhood in Berlin. Their website features an online reservation system, and I aimed to create a minimalist design using white and green as the predominant colors.

Working on this project was a rewarding experience. The minimalist design approach allowed me to create a clean and visually pleasing website that aligns with the tranquil atmosphere that clients can expect at Massage Sano.

Marina Zumi

As a web designer, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate in the development of the website of Marina Zumi, a talented multidisciplinary artist from Argentina, with a deep connection to South American neo-muralism. Her artistic approach stands out for presenting intuitive themes that explore the relationship between nature and polluted urban environments.

Working on Marina’s website design was an exciting challenge. My main goal was to capture the essence of her unique artistic style and convey the powerful narrative that permeates her works. Using a creative and sensitive approach, I strived to create an online platform that would reflect her artistic vision and allow visitors to immerse themselves in her creative world.



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